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Buy Low Maintenance Air Plants Online in Sydney or Melbourne with Australia’s Own Air Plant Decor

Air plants have recently become popular household plants for many looking to bring greenery indoors. Air plants offer a unique look and decorating value and can be housed in many interesting hanging terrariums. While many enjoy the look of air plants, few people know where to find reputable sellers.

As air plants in Melbourne, Sydney, and other parts of Australia become increasingly popular, more and more sellers of air plants are seeking online alternatives to distribute their large selections of greenery. One of the newest suppliers of air plants online in Australia, Air Plant Decor, offers an interesting mix of plants, terrariums, and accessories.

Air Plant Decor – Providing High Quality, Durable Air Plants in Australia

Air Plant Decor is a brand new supplier of air plants online in Australia that focuses on providing their customers with high-quality, beautiful air plants. All of their air plants have a distinct quality about them and are backed by a 30-day guarantee.

Air Plant Decor’s online eCommerce site sells a large selection of air plants, all available as individual plants as well as combination packs of plants. They also offer various starter packs for those new to air plants who are looking for a good selection of popular and easy to care for air plants. Plants that come in different colours, like the Ionantha 'Mexican Form', are also available from Air Plant Decor.

Why Buy Air Plants? The Benefits of Caring for Air Plants

Part of the reason air plants are so popular is because of their low maintenance care routine. Air plants require very little water, with some only requiring a mist or dunk every few weeks. While specific care ranges from each species of plant, all air plants are relatively simple to care for, requiring little maintenance to keep thriving.

Air Plant Decor provides all of the information you’ll need to know on how to care for your specific air plant and also hosts a blog with basic tips, tricks, and details on how to best care for your individual plant. Unlike traditional plants, air plants absorb water through their leaves and not through their roots, so understanding how to water and care for them is imperative. Luckily, Air Plant Decor’s social media sites and blog entries can offer you insider knowledge on how to keep your plants in top shape.

If you don’t have a green thumb, but love the look of having plants inside, consider buying air plants for your Sydney or Melbourne home. Live somewhere else in Australia? No problem. Air Plant Decor will gladly ship your selection of air plants to you so you can enjoy low maintenance plant ownership, as well. Air Plant Decor also stocks a variety of terrariums, gifts, and accessories to complement your air plant. View their full catalogue with all of their exclusive offerings online, by visiting them at