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4 Reasons Air Plant Decor Offers the Best Indoor Plants in Australia, from Sydney to Melbourne and Beyond

If you are looking for the best indoor plants in Australia, look no further than Air Plants Decor. Our online eCommerce site specialises in the Tillandsia plant, also known as the air plant. Whether you are shopping for a housewarming gift for a friend or hoping to spice up your space with a beautiful, unique plant, you won't find a better option on the market in Australia than an air plant. Here's why!

1. They are conversation starters

While you are browsing the web for the "best indoor plants in Sydney" or the "best indoor plants in Melbourne," you likely have a picture in your mind of what you are looking for. In most cases, this picture will be a typical potted plant, probably something you have seen in a friend or family member's house. While there is nothing wrong with these types of indoor plants, though, they won't exactly be conversation starters.

One of the great things about air plants, though, is how unique and interesting they are. These are plants that don't grow in soil, absorbing all water and nutrients through their leaves instead of roots. As a result, air plants really do look like they are floating, which will have your guests asking what your plant is, how it grows and where you found it.

2. They require minimal care

Even people who love their plants have days where they wish they didn't have to worry about watering them or turning them to face the sun. One of the things that make air plants the best indoor plants in Australia is that they require minimal care. Air plants are extremely hardy and don't require a lot of attention or care — perfect for the more forgetful plant owner.

3. They are beautiful

In addition to their floating appearance, which is just plain cool, air plants are also just beautiful in their own right. Not only do air plants have unique shapes and colours that you won't get from any other type of plant, they also change colour and shape over the years. In other words, when you purchase the best indoor plants online through Air Plant Decor, you are getting something that you will never get bored of, simply because it will consistently be transforming!

4. You always get the best indoor plant available online!

If you are looking for the best indoor plant online, then Air Plant Decor is the place to shop. We distribute air plants to most of Australia via our online store. Furthermore, when you shop with us, you get guaranteed quality control. We don’t just send you a plant that has been grabbed randomly from a shelf. Instead, we hand-pick each plant based on quality and back it with our Air Plant Guarantee. If your plant gets damaged during shipping, or if it fails to survive the first 30 days of ownership, we will replace your plant free of charge!

Bottom line, if you are looking for the best indoor plants in Sydney, Melbourne or anywhere in Australia, you won't do better than an air plant! Visit Air Plant Decor online at to start shopping.