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Buy a Tillandsia Terrarium Online as a Low-Maintenance Indoor Plant for the Inexperienced Gardener

You may be a natural-born caregiver. From as far back as you can remember, you have loved nurturing and caring for living things. Comforting a small child, preparing food for your loved ones, supporting a friend in need… you’ve always gained immense joy by caring for others. You also love animals. Cue the commercial with an adorable puppy in it, and you lose it. You’re just a natural nurturer.

Unfortunately, this ability to care for living things typically does not extend to plants. It seems that no matter how hard you try, no matter what plants you buy, no matter how many articles you read about how to care for them, you cannot keep most plants alive. It’s not because you didn’t want to. You just have not been blessed with that green thumb.

If you share the extreme frustration and disappointment of having killed (yet another) house plant, take courage. There is a plant out there for you.

Air plants are simply perfect for anyone wishing to satisfy their inner gardener, but who require a lower maintenance plant option. Buy a terrarium today to house your perfect house plant.

Air Plants Are Nature’s Wonder

Air plants (scientifically known as tillandsia, for anyone who is curious) are wonders of nature! These remarkable plants do not need—or even like—soil to grow. This is because of the tiny scales on the surface of each leaf which can absorb the necessary water and nutrients directly from the air. Thus, they require minimal care and are virtually impossible to kill. Their low-maintenance and durability make them a very attractive option for those with marginal knowledge or skill at caring for indoor plants.

Though these plants essentially grow in air, they do require a home. Air plant terrariums are mini ecosystems designed to house your air plant. These glass orbs can be placed on a table or desk, or be suspended with string. Terrariums come in a variety of fun and stylish themes and are an easy to use option for anyone who may want to bring a bit of nature’s beauty indoors.

Buy Terrariums Online – and Make the Perfect Home for Your Tilly

One company specialising in air plants and terrariums is Air Plant Decor, a new eCommerce business based in Melbourne. We offer a wide range of items including plants, gifts and accessories related to air plants—and our selection is growing rapidly. Some of the terrarium themes currently offered are Mini Beach, Enchanted Wonderland (which has little ladybugs and mushrooms inside), and Hippo Terrarium. These terrariums are a charming addition to any room, and make for fantastic and original gifts!

Something else that sets Air Plant Decor apart is our attention to detail. We hand-pick each plant so our customers always receive the highest quality product. Should your tilly die within 30 Days, we will stand by our Air Plant Guarantee and give you your money back.

So if you have a rough history with plants, air plants durability, low-maintenance, and natural beauty may be just what you need to turn that around. Buy terrariums with us to avoid disappointment.