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Looking to Buy Air Plants in Australia or Online? Find Great Selections in Melbourne or Sydney at Air Plant Decor

Terrariums are making a major comeback in the decorating world and alongside them are air plants. Air plants are popping up in more and more home interior and decorating magazines in Australia and offer homeowners and renters alike an easy way to care for an interesting plant. Air plants are typically tiny and easy to display anywhere in your home, often displayed as a set with various types of air plants mixed throughout a room.

Air plants are not just a decorating trend, though. They are also popular because they require very little upkeep to keep them growing and thriving in an indoor environment. While specific maintenance ranges between plant species and the temperature and lighting in a particular room, watering your air plant usually will take place anywhere from every few days to few weeks.

Figuring out where to buy air plants in Sydney or Melbourne, though, can be tricky. You want to be certain to choose a reputable dealer of air plants in Melbourne or Sydney, one who guarantees their plants for a specified amount of time. This will help you avoid buying dying or unhealthy plants. If you are looking for a unique retailer in Australia to buy air plants online from, look into buying with Air Plant Decor.

Air Plant Decor – Providing Individual and Combination Air Plants Online

As a new online retailer of air plants in Australia, Air Plant Decor has worked hard to build a strong social media following and become a quality source of information about caring for air plants. Air Plant Decor offers a wide selection of unique and distinct air plants to buy online, ranging from Tillandsia funckiana and usneoides to ionantha and magnusiana. Each plant comes with care instructions to ensure you water and feed it correctly. Air Plant Decor can even walk you through how to mist your air plant properly, as well as how to dunk your air plant (by letting it soak in water for 20 minutes before letting it dry out).

In addition to the extensive selection of air plants to buy, Air Plant Decor also sells a unique range of planters and terrariums. Their hanging terrariums make great additions to any room and can offer a glimpse of greenery while allowing you to decorate it with your personal style. Their eye-catching selection of planters can be great gifts for family, friends, and even co-workers.

If you have been eyeing the air plant trend and are ready to buy a few of your own, check out Air Plant Decor for the best variety of air plants in Melbourne or Sydney. You can also mix and match air plants with their combination and starter packs. Browse their full range of plants, terrariums, gifts, and accessories by flipping through the Air Plant Decor online catalogue at