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The Best Terrarium Plants to Buy Are for Sale at Air Plant Decor

Just about any houseplant can be grown in a terrarium but the best are those that are small, hardy, and require little maintenance. You should also lean toward choosing terrarium plants that grow at a slow pace. You do not want plants that will outgrow the terrarium quickly. While there are many to select from, the best are air plants which you can find at Air Plant Decor.

Our online store based in Melbourne serves all of Australia with a wide and unique range of plants that you can use to place in a terrarium. We believe our air plants are the best for homeowners, business people, or anyone who wants to bring a bit of nature inside to their home or place of business.

Why Air Plants Make Sense for Your Terrarium

If you do not know much about air plants, you should investigate. Air plants, scientifically known as tillandsias, is a term used that covers about 650 different species of plants. They earn the name air plants because of their ability to grow without soil. The plants can absorb nutrients and moisture through their leaves, which have tiny scales on their surface. Many air plants are small and have unique shapes so that they may be placed in almost any size of terrarium.

What is great about air plants is that they need little maintenance. If you forget about your plants or you travel a lot, air plants are for you. Maybe you do not know much about plants or gardening—it doesn't matter when you buy air plants for your terrarium. Air Plant Decor is one of the few sites in Australia that has air plants for sale. We have a range of choices that continues to expand. We offer individual plants and accessories as well as terrarium plants for sale.

Buy Terrarium Plants from Air Plant Decor

Our hobby turned into a thriving business as we now specialise in gifts and home decor that is inspired by air plants. As said, we offer a wide range of air plants. We carefully select each plant and you can feel at ease knowing that every air plant for sale at Air Plant Decor is backed by our 30-day Air Plant Guarantee. We strive to bring you the most beautiful and healthy plants. If you have an issue with a plant in the first 30 days, we will replace it free of charge.

We also offer free shipping on all orders over $100. Air Plant Decor is very active on social media and you can learn more about different species of air plants and even get tips on neat ways to use air plants in your home or office. Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for more information about exclusive products, offers, and giveaways. For questions about air plants or any of our other amazing products, leave us a message on our website or send us an email to