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Glass Terrariums for Sale! How Air Plant Decor is Changing the Glass Terrarium Market

Chances are you already know what a terrarium is, and you are probably aware of how they were once considered the domain of people who had too much time on their hands! To get a good glass terrarium going, you once had to get a suitable glass container (usually by scrounging around an antique store), gather a bunch of rocks and pebbles, mix in some potting soil, and then find all those tiny little plants you were to put on the inside. Then came the hard part—making sure those precious little plants in your glass terrarium didn't spontaneously shrivel up!

A New Concept for Glass Terrariums

Air Plant Decor, a revolutionary new eCommerce business that sells glass terrariums and other gifts has a better idea. Why not just use a tillandsia? We can already see the puzzled looks on your face. What's a tillandsia? If you've ever heard the name "air plant", then you'll know what we mean. These hearty plants are originally from Central and South America and have the ability to grow without soil, as they absorb nutrients through their leaves. Can you see where we're going with this? That's right. The fact that these plants are so easy to grow and care for means that they make excellent gifts, even for that person in your life who isn't as delicate as they should be when caring for plant life. Air plants are beautiful and come in many varieties. Over 650 species to be a bit more precise. Some have beautiful flowers which bloom regularly. Some have flowers that change colour throughout the year. Some have pleasing fragrances, and some others even have leaves that will alter their hue through a process known as blushing. You can use a tiny cut-off of one air plant, known as an offset, to start a new air plant colony that will grow on its own. They are so lovely and versatile that we're almost guaranteed to have a glass terrarium for sale that will suit just about every personality or preference. As if that weren't enough, their tenacity makes them suitable for other sorts of gifts that wouldn't be appropriate for more fragile plant species.

Why Air Plant Decor?

You already know that glass terrariums make excellent gifts and that we have glass terrariums for sale. You likely are aware of the fact that there are a few other suppliers who sell terrariums and decorative gifts, but there are a few things that put us in a unique class when it comes to quality and service. We are one of the few sites in Australia dedicated to air plants. We make air plants our business and are extremely knowledgeable about them. Our air plants are of the highest quality. We're born and bred right here in Melbourne, so you can take a bit of pride in supporting a hometown hero. Best of all, our plants are backed by a 30-day Air Plant Guarantee. You can put faith in the fact that you're getting value on your glass terrarium, or other gift purchases. Contact us today to learn more about our wide range of gifts.