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Terrariums Are a Unique Gift Idea – Find a Hanging Glass Terrarium at Air Plant Decor

There are a variety of gift ideas out there but choosing an exceptional one can be difficult. When you want to choose a unique gift, consider hanging terrariums from Air Plant Decor. We specialise in home decor and gifts that are inspired by air plants. These plants are perfect for terrariums of all sizes, including hanging terrariums. In addition to air plants, we offer a wide range of items and gift ideas and our product list continues to expand. If you are looking for a special gift, visit us online and check out our beautiful wonders of nature.

Why a Hanging Terrarium Makes for a Great Gift

A hanging terrarium is a versatile gift that you can give on many occasions. A carefully planned terrarium will include plants that will live longer than a typical gift of flowers. A bouquet of flowers, while also a beautiful gift, will look quite stunning on the day the bouquet is received. A few days later, though, those flowers will be dead and your recipient will have thrown them away. When you give the gift of a hanging terrarium, you are giving a gift that will last.

The living plants in the terrarium provide more enjoyment than typical gifts. Initially, any gift is great, but plants as a gift provide a connection to nature. A hanging terrarium is something that your gift recipient can view every day. Seeing and caring for the plants can offer some stress relief and plants that require little maintenance and nurturing are the perfect gifts especially for an inexperienced gardener.

Plants to Put in Your Terrarium

You can find a variety of plants to put in a hanging glass terrarium at Air Plant Decor. The best plants for any terrarium are air plants. We do have a passion for such plants and truly believe there are none better. They are great in terrariums because they do not require soil and can thrive with very little maintenance. Air plants (tillandsias) are known for being able to grow without having to be watered frequently. They can also thrive in environments where the light is not ideal. There are over 650 different species of air plants and you can find a wide selection of them at Air Plant Decor.

We take a great deal of pride in bringing our customers the very best in air plants. Our hobby has turned into a thriving business with a greenhouse full of thousands of plants and staff committed to unique and inspiring ways to display these wonders of nature. You will find great variety, something that you want when building a terrarium, at Air Plant Decor.

Next time you need a gift give one that is beautiful and will last. Give the gift of a hanging glass terrarium from Air Plant Decor. For more information about our products or questions, send us a message through our website or email us at Visit us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for our latest specials, deals, and new products.