How to Grow Epiphyllum

All of our Epiphyllum were originally sourced from the Adam's Jungle Cacti collection. Adam's Jungle Cacti was a small private collection of epiphitic plants, most of which originate from Central and South America, with a handful from Madagascar, Africa, Sri-Lanka, India, SE Asia etc.



(Note) Step 2 is measured 5-10 days after cuttings are taken. As postage can take a few days you may be able to plant them straight away. Just check the cut ends and if they are dry / calloused then the cuttings are ready to plant.

Potting Mix: Plant the cuttings in a fertile, well-draining mix. For beginners we recommend using the Bunnings “Cacti and Succulent Mix”. (This mix is an easy starting point). You can adapt your mix as you progress on your journey of keeping these plants to suit your growing conditions. 

Watering: Watering these cacti depends on your potting mix and your growing conditions. We recommend watering once per week and then increasing/decreasing depending on how the plants look. (Too much water will cause the plants to rot.)

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