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Looking for Easy-to-Maintain Indoor Plants in Sydney, Melbourne or Throughout Australia? Shop Air Plant Decor Online!

Have you struggled to keep indoor plants alive in the past? Are you someone who likes the unique style of decor that indoor plants provide, but also someone who tends to be away from home on a regular basis? As beautiful and seemingly perfect for home decoration as they are, buying an indoor plant in Australia is a commitment. Plants need plenty of water and sunlight, and sometimes even require a specific temperature to reach best growth potential. Some people are great about remembering to water plants and provide them with the care they need. But if you are busy, forgetful or just tend to travel a lot, it can be difficult to give indoor plants the care they need.

Often, when homeowners come to this conclusion, they either opt not to use indoor plants for decor purposes or invest in a few fake plants instead. But if you are looking for indoor plants in Sydney or Melbourne that are living but require minimal care, there is another option available to you!

Introducing Air Plant Decor

At Air Plants Decor, we offer a better solution for individuals who want convenient, low-maintenance indoor plants in Australia. We carry a special type of plant that is known scientifically as Tillandsia. Its more common name, however, is air plant. Air plants are a remarkable type of plant that is capable of growing and flourishing without soil.

One of the first things we typically hear from customers at Air Plants Decor is amazement. "How are these plants able to grow without soil," people ask? In the simplest of terms, air plants have special, minuscule scales on their leaves that other plants don't. These scales are capable of absorbing the water and nutrients that air plants need to grow and survive. In other words, while you could try to grow a Tillandsia in soil, the plant wouldn't gain any benefit from that method. Instead, air plants do much better when grown in a terrarium without any soil.

Air Plants: An Easier Kind of Indoor Plant, Available Online

It goes without saying that air plants are a wonder of nature, but why should you choose one of these unique and fascinating indoor plants for your Melbourne or Sydney home?

Quite simply, you won't find many lower maintenance plants than the Tillandsia. Air plants are perfect even for people who don't usually do well with indoor plants, simply because they only require minimal care and watering to stay alive. These plants are hardy enough to survive even if you go out of town for a week or forget to water them for a few days.

Don't make the switch to unattractive plastic plants. Visit Air Plant Decor on the web today, and order one of our low-maintenance indoor plants online! Our eCommerce store is easy to navigate, and we ship to most of Australia, with the exception of Western Australia, Northern Territory or Tasmania. You can find our site at