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Like Terrariums? Best Plants for Your Mini Terrarium

Are you planning on decorating your home or office with mini terrariums? Check out the latest offering from Air Plant Decor, one of Australia’s leading providers of mini terrariums and air plants. Decorate your home office, a bedroom, even your kitchen with one, or several, of the many beautifully themed terrariums that we offer. Based in Melbourne, Air Plant Decor supplies a range of air plants, terrariums, himmeli, gifts, and more to the entire country. When you need help with plants for your mini terrarium, we can help you find just the right ones.

Air Plants Are Perfect for Your Mini Terrarium

Terrariums make lovely decorations in a home or office. Mini terrariums are also attractive because they provide decoration but do not take up as much space. That is why they are perfect for small spaces and desktops. If you want to bring a piece of nature onto your desk, it can be done with a cute mini terrarium. You can also use almost any houseplant in a terrarium. There are some that are better suited to terrariums than others, though.

Air plants, or tillandsias, are the best items that you can put in a mini terrarium. There are well over 650 different types of air plants. Spanish Moss is one. They are called air plants because they can live, grow, and function on air. Unlike most common houseplants, an air plant does not need soil for nutrients. The leaves of the plants can absorb water and other nutrients from the air. Because of these qualities, air plants are perfect for mini terrariums.

A mini terrarium does not offer much space. Taking up some of that precious space with soil cuts down on the size of the plant that can be placed inside. An air plant makes it possible for us to offer mini terrariums that are attached to a keychain. With these beautiful baby plants, you can take a piece of nature with you everywhere you go.

Caring for Your Mini Terrarium Plants

The great thing about air plants is that they require little maintenance. They are not the typical houseplant that needs watering, plant food, and some extra tender loving care. Air plants can be neglected for extended periods of time. In the case of our mini terrariums, you can choose from a variety of different plants including baby Tillandsia ionantha. Upon receiving, you submerge the terrarium completely in water and then allow it to drain out. After that, you only need to water the plant once every 14 to 21 days. If you choose a cactus or succulent, you only have to worry about watering the plant once every month.

We are passionate about air plants and believe they make the perfect mini terrarium. Visit our website for an extensive selection of air plants, terrariums, mini terrariums, gifts, and more. All our plants are backed by our 30-day Air Plant Guarantee so that you can buy with confidence. Visit us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more information about specials, discounts, and other offers. For direct assistance, leave us a message via our website or send us an email to