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Small Glass Air Plant Terrarium for Sale—A Unique Gift for Any Occasion

We’ve all experienced the challenges associated with gift-giving. Whether it’s for a person we don’t know well, someone who already has everything under the sun, or the person who always makes a point of saying that they want “nothing,” finding that perfect present can become quite the ordeal.

One option that makes a unique gift for even the most difficult person is the air plant.

Air plants in a terrarium make wonderful gifts because they are so original. While giving a simple plant as a gift is not an uncommon practice, air plants are a unique offering. They are low maintenance, easy to care for, and don’t require soil to grow. They are simply wonders of nature! And because there are so many ways to customise them, they are nearly as fun to buy as they are to receive.

The Unique Variety of the Tillandsia

Air plants (tillandsias) themselves come in an astonishing variety. Some have leaves that are long and spindly while others are thick and stocky. Some plants are small at around 10 centimetres across, while others are larger at 20 centimetres.

They also grow and bloom differently. One plant, called the Tillandsia velickiana, will blossom with lovely pink inflorescence and purple flowers. Another plant, called the Tillandsia ionantha ‘Mexican Form’ transforms from its typical green shade to an orange or red and produces purple flowers when in bloom. If kept in its natural habitat, the plant will even attract hummingbirds!

Since most of these plants are quite low-maintenance, requiring very little water and sunlight, they make the ideal gift for those who often experience difficulty caring for and sustaining plants.

Air Plant Terrariums Offer Fun and Customisable Accessories

Air Plant Decor sells a wide range of tillandsia plants, as well as decor and gifts inspired by these beautiful plants. Most air plants are grown in small glass terrariums which can be further customised to match the taste of the individual air plant gardener.

The Clean Terrarium is a basic model with a simple and elegant look meant to highlight the plants themselves. But there are also themed varieties that come with sand and other accessories. The Ocean Oasis Terrarium, for example, comes equipped with brown sand, a starfish, and a sea urchin, which showcases the plant, while also adding a bit of a flare. Another option is the Duck Terrarium, which comes with yellow sand and a cute soapstone duck. There are even Mini Plant Terrariums with attached keychains that hold plants that are between one and two centimetres. These much smaller products are extremely low-maintenance and quite frankly, completely adorable.

These plant terrariums can be suspended using the enclosed twine, or displayed on a desk or table. Other accessories for displaying your plant include beautifully designed metal display stands, as well as shapely wire hangers.

No matter what the plant, or how they are presented, these beautiful marvels of nature and their elegant accessories make for a fun and unique gift for any occasion. We have the perfect plant terrarium for sale so browse our online store today.