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Need Plants for a Terrarium? Best Choices for Terrariums

Choosing plants for a terrarium can be a challenge. There are a few things to consider whenever designing a terrarium. At Air Plant Decor, we believe that air plants are best for terrariums, homes, offices, and just about anywhere. These living wonders of nature are the perfect addition to any room or office. They allow anyone to bring a little bit of nature to their indoor environment. When you are putting together plants for terrariums, keep the following in mind.

Complementary Plants

Your terrarium should be full of plants that complement each other. Select plants that vary in size of different heights and those with various leaf shapes to add some diversity to your terrarium. You can also add plants with some colour to make for a more exciting looking display. If all of your plants are similar, the end product might end up being a little too monotonous. At Air Plant Decor, you can choose from a wide range of air plants. From Tillandsia ionantha to Spanish Moss and everything in between, you can pick many air plants that complement each other in your terrarium.

Low Light Plants for a Terrarium

One of the struggles in choosing plants for a terrarium is dealing with the amount of light that the terrarium will receive. There are a variety of factors that influence that amount of light. First, the terrarium is inside a home or office and generally will receive less light than those plants that are outside. Depending upon where the terrarium is located in the home or office, it may receive even less light if it is not near a window. You will have to consider the amount of light when choosing plants. However, Air Plant Decor has many air plants that do just fine in low light conditions.

The Case for Air Plants for Terrariums

As you can see, when you are planning a terrarium using air plants makes perfect sense. You are building the terrarium to bring a piece of nature inside. It is much harder to care for plants that do not receive a lot of sunlight and water. Air plants are the best choice for terrariums because many of them thrive in conditions where there is not a lot of light available. They require very little maintenance and many air plants only need water once every two to four weeks. Air plants need no soil. They receive their nutrients and water via their leaves. Air Plant Decor can provide you with the perfect additions to your terrarium.

We have a broad range of air plant species from which to choose and we provide free shipping to our customers who elect to order over $100 worth of products. All of our air plants are backed by our Air Plant Guarantee, a 30-day money back guarantee. Our desire is to bring you the healthiest and happiest plants possible. We take lots of pride in selecting the best air plants for you and your terrariums. For more information about air plants, send us a message through our website or email us at