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Air Plants in Small Glass Terrariums Add Variety to Maximise the Joy of Gardening

For those with a green thumb, who long to do nothing more than fill their days with hands beneath the soil surrounded by nature’s bounty, no feeling is more satisfying than watching their plants and flowers, vegetables, and fruit grow to completion. Seeing the fruition of their hard labour end in beautiful or tasty results can be highly rewarding.

Others may take pleasure in the concept of gardening and wish to experience the results of such an endeavour, but do not have the skills to bring their work to fruition.

For either camp, there is a way to increase the joy of gardening. This can be accomplished by picking up a new hobby—growing air plants.

Tillandsias in Bloom

A small terrarium with air plants offers a simple and rewarding way for even the most inexperienced gardener to be able to bring the beauty of nature indoors. These plants, which are scientifically known as tillandsia, are remarkable in that they require neither soil nor abundant water or sunlight to grow. This is because of the tiny scales on the leaf's surface which can absorb the necessary water and nutrients directly from the air.

Air plants require minimal work to maintain and come in a wide variety with many changing colour or shape over time. They are perfectly suited as small terrarium plants to add colour and joy to any space. Many kinds also blossom with beautiful flowers as they develop. One such plant carries the name of a popular sugary snack—Cotton Candy. Its slender, silvery grey leaves are beautiful on their own. But when it blooms, a rose-coloured flower appears, making it all the more gorgeous to behold.

Another plant, called the Tillandsia brachycaulos, sports lush green leaves. But when in bloom, the plant's colour changes, exposing a pop of vivid red and purple flowers.

The Tillandsia andreana blooms beautifully. It is a ball-shaped plant featuring soft, green leaves. When it blooms, however, it produces brilliant red flowers sure to capture the eye. Just imagine your small terrarium with one of these beauties!

Buy a Small Glass Terrarium to Observe Nature’s Wonders

Watching these unique plants grow on their own is a magnificent experience. They are even more beautiful when observed through a small glass terrarium. Purchase your terrariums through Air Plant Decor’s website, where we have a wide array available - perfect for watching your tillandsias develop and blossom.

The Clean Terrarium is the ideal choice for those wishing to keep the focus on the plants themselves. It is a 10 or 12-centimetre glass ball that comes with brown twine to hang and a flat base for a desktop display.

Another way to house your growing air plant is in a lovely and elegantly designed Himmeli. These are small, geometric ornaments that can be suspended around the home, or can rest on a flat surface. Made of various metals, they are a unique way to display your plants while watching them transform and grow.

With all of these different options, it is no wonder that many people have used small terrarium plants as a way to minimise the work while maximising the joys of gardening.