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Stylish Air Plant Terrariums for Sale Online, How to Make the Most of Yours

If you have an air plant terrarium or are considering picking up a terrarium for sale in the future, then you've made an excellent decision on getting a great gift that is unique and durable. Air plants are remarkably hardy. They don't require soil, and you can hang them in the air and watch them grow. Though perfect for those with a crippling fear of watering houseplants, they aren't invincible, however, and there are some small steps that you as an owner can take to help them flourish and reach their maximum potential. The helpful crew at Air Plant Decor, a premier supplier of terrariums for sale, want to fill you in with a quick crash course on air plant care.

Caring for Your Air Plant

They Need Air. Without air circulation, these guys are going to have a rough time. One would think that the name was an obvious tip-off in regards to this point, but you'd be surprised how many forget this simple step. After watering your air plant, give it some time to dry off. It should be done drying in under four hours. If not, you aren't giving it enough light and heat, which brings us to our next point.

Light and Heat. You likely have your air plant terrarium indoors, and you'll need to supply it with bright light throughout most of the year so that it can grow. In the summer months, however, you should not leave it in direct sunlight. This will cause damage to the plant as it can become sunburned. Instead, move it to a slightly shady area so that those sun rays don't scorch it. If you're using artificial light, full spectrum is best. Set your plants about 30cm away from your light source, and set the light on a 12-hour timer. Keep your air plants in a temperature range of 10-32 degrees Celsius.

Water. Your air plant can absorb moisture from the air, but you can still give it a hand every once in a while. You won't need a big water pitcher, though, a light daily misting from spring to autumn, and a weekly misting in the winter, coupled with thoroughly wetting the plant (in warmer, drier environments) should do the trick. You'll know that your air plant isn't getting enough water when that curve in the leaf becomes exaggerated.

Who Has the Best Air Plant Terrariums for Sale?

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