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Air Plant Balls


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These Air Plant Balls were designed as the perfect way to simulate the natural clumping ability of Tillandsia. Don’t have time to wait 5 years for your Air Plant to clump? Simply attach your plants to this light weight, breathable sphere and make your own!

By design, these spheres are open centred to enable your plants to dry out quickly after watering (essential to keeping your plants healthy). They look gorgeous when hung around your home with clear fishing line, seeming to float in mid air. They can also be paired with our Terrarium Stands to display on a coffee table or desk!  

Dimensions: Approximately 10cm in diameter.  

There are 2 options for this product including with or without plants. This enables you to either build your own ball, or buy one with pre-selected plants (Tillandsia Brachycaulos 5-6cm). These plants will be sent un-attached to ensure they are not damaged in the postage process. 

Attaching Air Plants:

To attach your air plants you have 2 options, the first way is to stick the plants into the gaps in the ball (using your finger to open up the gaps can also help). Option two (for wider based plants) is to use an adhesive to attach them. For aesthetic reasons we recommend using a clear adhesive such as hot glue or aquarium safe silicone.