101 Tillandsia & How to Grow Them (eBook)

About This Book:

This eBook was created with the goal of providing our customers with a “How To” guide to each Tillandsia species we sell, enabling them to purchase a copy with their order, so they can flick through it and read up on each species they have purchased. Copies of this eBook will be sent in PDF format to the email you provide in your order details. This eBook is also printer friendly if you are looking to create a hard copy!

All of the information included in this book has been accumulated from our species pages available on our website. It will include a brief description of the species, as well as growing tips on position, watering and fertilisation. You will notice that the Position, Watering and Fertilization paragraphs are the same for each species. This is because 90% of Tillandsia thrive under the same conditions (bright filtered light, good air flow, watering 2-3 times a week, etc). If the species has any unique needs on top of these base instructions we will include them at the end of the first “Description” paragraph. For example:

Tillandsia Caerulea, “We have found this species is very sensitive to over-watering and susceptible to rot. To avoid this we recommend mounting the plant and keeping it in a well ventilated area to help it dry out quickly between watering.”

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