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Poysean - Euphorbia milii P044


Many people will recognise the common red flowered form of this plant, but selection and breeding work carried out in various parts of the world have produced a range of flower colours and improved growth forms. Some are suitable as drought-tolerant bedding, others as feature plants.

Strains developed in Thailand known as Poysean hybrids (from a common name in Chinese for E. milii) or Thai hybrids are becoming very popular internationally. They're officially designated Euphorbia x lomi. Besides E. milii, E. lophogona is typically also in the parentage.

These hybrids available in a variety of flower colours. They're thorny but leafy succulents with colourful flowers (in the same family as the poinsettia). They're typically grown in pots, but can be grown in the ground in hot climates. They will be able to tolerate periods of dryness, but they are leafy and and for best results would benefit from regular moisture provided they have good drainage.