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Rhipsalis elliptica - R3


Description: Rhipsalis elliptica is endemic to Brazil, where it grows at elevations of up to 2000m. It tends to be found growing on very steep hillsides which haven’t been impacted by deforestation. The foliage is elliptical in shape (thus the name), broad, and flat. It tends to be dark green in colour, however if grown in high light conditions it will acquire tinges of copper / red. This species produces small yellow / white flowers in April. 

The Rhipsalis genus comprises over 60 species native to South America. Most are epiphytic (live in trees). Many have hanging stems making them excellent hanging basket specimens. Most prefer shade and some humidity.

We recommend purchasing 2 or 3 cuttings when planting up a pot as it will ensure the development of a robust and aesthetic looking plant.

Rhipsalis do best in partial shade in a fertile potting mix. Keep reasonable moist throughout the year, a little less so in winter. They enjoy humidity and so benefit from spraying.