Tillandsia - Tenuifolia

Tillandsia tenuifolia, is widely distributed, ranging from South Carolina to Florida and the Greater Antilles (Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico) from Mexico to Salvador as well as Venezuela, Windward Islands, Surinam, French Guyana, Guyana, Paraguay, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, and northern Brazil.
Altitude range: from sea level to an altitude of over 2,700 meters.
Habitat and ecology: This species grows as either epiphytically in dry thickets semi-deciduous and evergreen forests.

Sun exposure: Bright filtered light indoors or undercover outdoors.
Water requirement: Low to Moderate.
Maintenance: Low.

Each living plant is unique and may vary slightly in size, colour or shape depending on the season. Flowering plants are sent when available.

Type: Air Plants

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