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Tillandsia - leiboldiana ‘Red Form’ ex. PT


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Description: Tillandsia leiboldiana ‘Red Form’. Tillandsia leiboldiana was described in 1845 by Diederich Franz Leonhard Schlechtendal. This species has a native distribution from Mexico to Coats Rica, where it grows as an epiphyte at altitudes up to 1,300m. It has a “tank type” form, growing upright with soft, green foliage. It will produce a tall, red inflorescence with small violet flowers. These flowers will emerge in January (Summer). 

Position: We have found this species enjoys frequent watering and slightly more shade than other Tillandsia.  Growing this species indoors is possible. However you will need to make sure it is next to a window with bright light, and good air flow. This species will thrive outside under bright, but indirect sunlight. Under a tree, verandah or deck, or in a shadehouse are all great locations for this plant. Ensure the location you choose has good air flow to help the plant dry out between watering. This species can withstand low temperatures, however it must be protected from frost. It dries out quickly so we recommend potting it in a small pot with a well draining potting mix.

Watering: As a general rule, a plant in a hot position will require watering every 2-3 days. In a dark, humid environment watering once per week can often be adequate. This can be achieved by misting or dunking the plant. If outdoors, a hose can be used. When dunking a plant, leave submerged in a bowl of water for 10-20 minutes before shaking off excess water. Air plants love to dry out completely between each watering and must never have water sitting at their base as this will cause the plant to rot.

Fertilisation: We recommend fertilising your Air Plants once a fortnight in the warmer months and once a month through winter. We sell Air Plant Fertiliser in our "Accessories" section. Simply give the plant one or two sprays after watering.