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Tillandsia - streptocarpa ‘Chicitos Sukk Grun’ (Fragrant)

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Flowers form in March.

Tillandsia Chicitos Weiss form.

Cultivar or ssp. of streptocarpa.
Previously called T. streptocarpa Sukk grun or Sukk weiss, or 'Succulent Silver'.

This lovely little species (HR9183) was collected by the Hromadniks in 1982 at Santiago de Chicitos, Santa Cruz, Bolivia, about 800m. Plants have been imported to Australia on several occasions. Lieselotte sells them as T. streptocarpa Sukk grun or Sukk weiss ( translated as succulent green or white) and intends some day to formally describe them under the ICBN rules. These sorts of names cannot be recorded under the ICNCP rules as being special forms or Cultivars. The best name to use is undoubtedly ‘Chicitos’. The white lepidote form as ‘Weiss’ form, and ‘Grun’ form for the greener less lepidote one. It is hoped that growers will use this name rather than plain T. streptocarpa which as we know comes in many guises."

Tillandsia streptocarpa can sometimes be mistaken for a small Tillandsia duratii. An easy way to tell the two apart is that the leaves of Tillandsia streptocarpa are not pendulous (hang down) when they get older. Also, the tips of the older leaves do not recurve. The blooms are very large relative to the size of the plant which is normally 20-30 cm in an adult and they are fragrant. This species is also similar to Tillandsia reichenbachii but the leaves are much longer and softer.